Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2021 (Fully Funded)

The fully financed Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2021

Deadline :  December 03, 2020 / January 07, 2021

Scholarship Representation:

Many students all over the world are dreaming to study in one of the most prestigious universities in the UK; Cambridge. Well it’s either now or never. Currently the gates Cambridge scholarship has opened wide its doors for all students who wish to pursue their studies at Cambridge university. In this article, we will discover everything about this scholarship and how to apply for it.

This scholarship is a fully funded grant, meaning that it covers all expenses throughout the student’s journey, and it is designed for international students who are interested in studying in Cambridge university in 2021.

This scholarship is extended for postgraduate level only including both master’s and PhD levels. It grants the candidate an annual pay of £17,500, covers expenses like health insurance, a family allowance of up to £10,120, and an academic funding of £2,000.

This scholarship was founded in October 2000 by the billionaire Bill gates and his wife Melinda. Gates at the time donated 210m US$, which is the heaviest single contribution ever made to the UK university.

Currently, Gates Cambridge is willing to give out 80 full financial aid scholarships to outstanding students from outside the UK to carry on their studies in a postgraduate program of their choice in the pursuit of a full-time education in Cambridge university. This opportunity is sacrificing two thirds of funding to PhD programs, among which 25 awards are granted in the US level and 55 in the International level.

Courses available:

  • Arts
  • Social Sciences, and humanities.
  • Life Sciences (Biology and Clinical Medicine)
  • Physical Sciences
  • Under science and technology (Computer Science, Engineering, Business School)

Study duration:

  • PhD programs are three years long.
  • Masters programs are 2 years long.

Scholarship funding coverage:

  • Students accepted in this opportunity will benefit from the following:
  • Tuition fees at the current rate.
  • An allowance for maintenance for 12 months for master’s students of a total of up to £17,500 depending on the current rate. For PhD scholars the award extends to 4 years.
  • Flying ticket in the economy class at the beginning and the end of the program.
  • Cost of Visa and Immigration health charge.
  • Academic funding – from up to £500 to up to £2,000, varying on the length of your course, for attending conferences and courses.
  • a family allowance of up to £10,120 for a first child and up to £4,320 for a second child (2020-21 rate). There s no funding for the partner
  • maintenance allowance may be kept while on the work field in case of PhD candidates, but no other fieldwork cost is funded.
  • In case of maternity or paternity, the candidate may require intermitting their classes, and still receive their allowance for up to 6 months.
  • In case of unexpected difficulties, candidates may request hardship funding

Qualification criteria:

  • To be eligible for Gates Cambridge Scholarship, participants are required to meet the following standards:
  • English proficiency
  • Nationality: all nationalities
  • Excellent academic background
  • Being able to make a powerful case capstone for a certain postgraduate degree at Cambridge
  • To be dedicated and devoted to improving others’ lives.
  • Leadership and command capability
  • to be an international candidate from outside of the UK in order to proceed for a full-time postgraduate degree.

Instructions on how to apply for the scholarship:

To properly apply for this scholarship, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Apply for the entry of a course offered by the college and fill out the funding section part.
  • create an account on the webpage
  • write down and confirm your personal information
  • send in the following documents: a statement of intent that does not exceed 500 words, where you justify the reasons why you chose to apply for the Gates Cambridge scholarship and what makes you eligible to apply alongside mentioning that you meet the criteria referred to above./ a curriculum vitae and/or the resume/ for PhD applicants: PhD research proposal/ References: 2 academic references for admissions and another reference about how you fit with the scholarship.
  • Answer questions on the application
  • submit the application on the website

Click the link below to apply

How to apply

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