How best you can handle entry level technical interview questions

Here, I’m not going to reveal the whole set of the skill set needed to tackle technicality out of every interview especially on a entry level

From experience, i ran into an interviewer who asked for my strengths and as an Economist, whose aim is to maximize time, revenue and profit and minimize cost, manual processes and risk, told him my strength is being good at cost minimization.

Hear what he asked me next…..Technical question of cost minimization of a Chair which could be produced in other form saving time and cost, and enhancing quality.

As a fresh graduate, i was dumb-founded for the first minute…Wait, if you were asked such, what would your first answer be?? Don’t forget it’s an interview where you don’t have the luxury of time to research through your memory.

I’d share what I told Him, His response and How He answered that question Himself and the conclusion.

Remember, interview is not very common, once you grab that opportunity, don;t let it slip away…

How best to handle entry level technical interview questions come up next. WATCH OUT~


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