UNILAG 2017/2018 postgraduate examination

If you need past questions for any department for 1k only, please check my signature, otherwise call 07063819853. 
Free tutorials every sunday is also available at the following dates:
Sunday 20th of August Social sciences (Economics, Geography, Sociology, ..)
Sunday 27th of August Sciences and Engineering (Mathematics, Physics, Elect, Mechanical Engr, Civil, Surveying, Chemical, etc)
Sunday 3rd of September -Business Administration (MBA, Finance, Accounting, Risk Management, Actuarial Science e.t.c)
Sunday 10th of September- Faculty of Arts, Environmental Sciences and Faculty of Education.
Sunday 17th of September- General Revision.

Time: 1-6pm

Venue: University of Lagos premises

2 thoughts on “UNILAG 2017/2018 postgraduate examination

  1. An average of 20,000 to 30,000 apply for unilag masters/Msc programmes yearly
    but a mere 5000-6000 are admitted

    how come the failure rate is that high?

    the reason is very simple.

    i see people make the same mistake every year

    and they have started again this year.

    anything you paid N22,000 to get, I think you should make some effort to make sure its yield the desire Result.

    success has a pattern.

    you dont win a match by luck, no matter how talented the players are.

    In these exams, that the competition is RED HOT.

    where you know about 90% of applicants will fail

    what you need to know is this

    It is not what you READ that is important
    it is what YOU DIDNT READ that counts

    Only those who has ears will hear what I just revealed.

    Goodluck guys!


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