Reasons why an HND holder have more opportunities than a B.Sc 2.2 Graduate nowadays

With my experience so far in the job market, it is not
a new thing that the opportunities created for an
HND holder are getting wider than B.Sc holder
who’s got below a Upper second class.
Many companies do not see a reason why they’d
hire a graduate with high cost incurred when HND
holders are there to give them a cost minimizing
effort, more so a 2.2 graduate may not do any
Nowadays, Companies are found of hiring a contract
staff whom HND holders are only invited/suitable,
leaving behind the so called University graduates.
Somebody asked, ‘why am I clamouring about
having a University education in the first place??’

The truth:
1. There would always be 2.2 products no matter how.
2. Opportunities can be created with whatsoever
qualifications you’ve got.
3. There is a job for everybody.
4. There is always a time for everybody’s career
5. If with your certificate you are still stagnant, you
may end up not getting a suiting job forever, no
matter your qualification and grade.
6. If you have a 2.2 grade and people tell you how
unlucky you would be in the job market and you
believe them instead of devising your own strategy,
it can even kill your own morale of achieving and
aiming high.

1. If you are still in school, and people tell you it’s
not about grade, but people you know, and you
believe them, I guess you might end up joining the
groups of unemployed/under employed citizens.
2. You had better start thinking of how practicable
your course can become when you graduate.
3. If you are a serving corps member and you are
swayed away by the activities of NYSC, and not life
afterwards, I pity you. The truth is that by the time
you finish and just starting, you might end up
frustrated, unlike if you start scouting as a corper,
you won’t be under any pressure.
……Tip of the iceberg by PstLao.
Expect more…My thought and findings

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