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It’s countdown time. Just two days to go to the end of 2014. And if you’re a discerning and focused individual, it’s probably reflection time too! In our Special Article titled Reflections, Omozino Eguh wants us asking the questions – Where am I now? What could I have done differently? What are the lessons learned? What’s the way forward?

Might you during the year have unwittingly been imposing limitations on yourself? Or perhaps you know someone you think has? You need to read/share the articles – The Ultimate Hiring Question: Why Should Anyone Hire You under Preparing for the Workplace section and Surviving As An Artist under the Entrepreneurship section.

We are doing our own bit of reflection by pulling together industry leaders in different areas in the Media and Communication industry featured in previous newsletters – Udeme Ufot (Advertising), Adesua Onyenokwe (Broadcasting & Print Journalism) and Japheth Omojuwa (Social Media).

If you want to go furthe
r into memory lane on other careers and sectors, you can check out our past issues here. (

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Special Article: Reflections By Omozino Eguh

It’s just a few days to the end of 2014. Regardless of the euphoria of the season, it’s a time to reflect, count your blessings and losses, evaluate your goals, achievements, disappointments and note the lessons learned. There are certain questions you should ask yourself when undergoing the reflective process. Read More (
INDUSTRY FOCUS: Media and Communication

Career Spotlight: Copy Writer

A copy writer is someone who writes or edits written content for the purpose of advertising or marketing, for a living. Such content is meant to persuade someone to buy a product, a service or influence their beliefs and can cover a range of formats such as slogans, news releases, brochures, copy for print adverts or leaflets and pamphlets, scripts for radio jingles and TV commercials, web advertising, and social media posts. Learn more ( about what this career entails. Also check out Armstrong Ilile’s ( profile – your all in one media professional – copywriter, marketing communications specialist and more.

Industry Leader: Udeme Ufot
Udeme Ufot is Group Managing Director of SO&U Group, a leading marketing communications and advertising agency in Nigeria. He is a Fellow of APCON (Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria) and Member, National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (MNIMN). He is also a board member of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) and past President of Lagos Business School Alumni Association (LBSAA). He remains one of Nigeria’s most revered figures in marketing communications.

I have been in advertising practice for 32 years and have developed my career from a sound educational base by identifying and acquiring needed skills and associating with and learning from more successful people. Read More (

Industry Leader: Mrs. Adesuwa Onyenokwe
Mrs. Adesuwa Onyenokwe is an award winning journalist and currently CEO of Universal Communications Ltd, publishers of TW Magazine. In this article, Mrs. Onyenokwe reveals her entry route into the media and communications industry. She also shares her experience as a newscaster, reporter and presenter at the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and the motivation behind her starting out on her own after 13 years.

Following graduation from university, I was posted to Sokoto for my National service for my NYSC in 1983, and worked at NTA Sokoto. That was where I had my first taste of broadcasting; and it was memorable. …I worked with the Nigeria Television Authority as a staff till 1998, when I retired to set up my own media production company called Universal Communications but continued with NTA as an independent producer of Today’s Woman, and presenter of One on One in February 2000 . I have over 26 years of experience now in the media. Read More (

Industry Leader: Japheth. J. Omojuwa
Japheth .J. Omojuwa is a foremost blogger, speaker, socio-political commentator, think-tank and social media expert. Founder of the popular blog ( , he is one of the voices in Nigeria that drives social change through social media. He shares his career story and some some sound advice.
As an undergraduate at the Federal University of Agriculture, I realized a large number of the Nigerian population were cultivating a culture of dependence on the internet for information on any and everything. So I decided to start to be involved in the conversation at that time – this was over five years ago… Read more (

Featured Employer: SO&U Saatchi & Saatchi
SO&U is one of Nigeria’s leading full service marketing communications firms. The Agency has carved a niche for itself as an outstanding creative agency. Entry requirement is a first degree in Art or Social Sciences preferably, but a first degree in any other field is acceptable provided the candidate displays special aptitude for creativity and the area of work. Read More (

The Ultimate Question, Why Should Any One Hire You By Aruosa Osemwegie.

This question, ‘Why Should Anyone Hire You’? is the bedrock of a quality preparation for employment. It is a question to be answered now and always…. Success does not happen without some degree of internal and external struggles. These restrictions usually come in form of limitations imposed by the self, others or the environment; and it is to the extent that you overcome them that you will be free, become and succeed. Read More (

Surviving As An Artist By Zakari Atta

Fine Art is just an aspect of art, and I realized that fine art was more aesthetically relevant than it was functionally relevant. So instead of just working to make paintings that were mainly decorative, I developed and applied my artistic side to graphic design (branding businesses, making logos, etc), 3D design (signage design and building, furniture design and building).This aspect of art had a more stable demand as businesses need creative marketing design to enhance their brand, products and sales. Read More. (

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Zakari Attah, Omozino Eguh, Armstrong Ilile, Japheth J. Omojuwa, Adesuwa Onyenokwe, Aruosa Osemwegie, Udeme Ufot.


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