Why not consider a Career in HR?

Unemployment is not a must but a choice. Imagine yourself as an Human Resources Officer and still complaining about unemployment.

Why not consider a career in HR?
Here are the benefits:
> As an human resource personnel, you are competent enough to face the travails of job interviews.
> You are more than a prospective employee, but more of an employer, who knows how to claim any job.
> You are connected to several other HR officials so job opportunities are not as scarce for you as for others.
> You can become an HR consulting officer, undertaking outsourcing of staffs for companies.
> You can set up your own Company, manage it successfully since you have what it takes to employ the best Human capital and management…and many more…

To become one; irrespective of your qualification,
* Adopt a professional certification i.e Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM),
* Take up a 2nd degree course in Human resources, Personnel Management,
* Take an Internship role in a department related or in an HR company.
* Engage yourself in related short courses and training.
…then you are good to start.

Schools that offer such courses in Undergraduate degree includes University of Lagos , OAU, ABU, Polytechnics and other Business institutes.

Also visit www.cipmnigeria.org to register for professional certifications.

Several consulting companies train in the areas of Human Capital Development which includes McTimothy and Associates, Phillips Consulting, Adexen HR Consulting, Reede Consulting, Pstlao and Associates, e.t.c


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