Whether you can or you cannot, you are right… Your second approach portraits the real you…..

Many at times, we marvel at our mistakes and our inadequacies.

Inadvertently, we are perturbed by the fear of the unknown.


Can anybody tell me what fear of the unknown actually mean?

I will tell you what we actually fret about that we don’t even know ourselves, making it a fear of the unknown. they are four in number.Exploring career

  1. Fear of success
  2. Fear of failure
  3. Fear of not believing in oneself
  4. Fear of learning new things.

They are all fear of tomorrow. Well, I’ve got to tell you that even when you had gone wrong, your second approach portraits the real you.

No fear, no threat for in every success, there was a failure.

Watch out for the next edition where we demystify the various fear of the unknown…

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