Quick tips on how to answer technical interview questions as a fresh graduate

job-interview-intro__1303750811_5965Even when some interviewers seem tough and expect more, despite your raw knowledge, you still need to prove to them that you are the right candidate.

These amidst others are what you should get prepared for:

1. TAKE YOUR TIME: Do not jump into analyzing what you do not really have the core knowledge. Take a few 5 seconds to gather one or two things. Your first statement of answer matters a lot because it tells the interviewer whether you know it or not.

2. UNDERSTAND THE SUBJECT MATTER; Interviewers are always proud of knowledge at least for a fresh graduate. They expect you to be vast in information, giving ideas such that if you are asked to demystify a subject matter, giving a good definition of it alone shows you are a bit into it. Your attentiveness also creates better understanding.

3. GIVE EXAMPLES: You have not experienced it happen to you being a fresh graduate, no fault. But you have seen it happen to people you know or people you’ve seen, even in the dailies, of course people share it on Television. Again i say, they expect your general knowledge to be vast.

4.  EXPLAIN YOUR PASSION FOR IMPROVEMENT: As a dynamic individual, who love to learn, this is an avenue to state your interest in the field of question. Put it to the interviewer what you love to know more when you start working. I’m sure He’d be impressed and be optimistic about you.

5. NEVER SAY NEVER: Even when it seems the whole interview thing is going against you, do not give up, i have seen a number of people including me who gave their interview testimony saying the last part of the interview gave them an edge.

Tell me later when you succeed.

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